Reno's Composite Deck & Awnings
George Was Superintendent & Hands-On 'Working Foreman' On This Steel Building

Our Approach

Our Approach:

With our experience, we approach each  phase of a job with the challenge of having everything we need to complete each phase with all of the materials and equipment already on site, to do not only the work in the contract and bid for, but also to provide for potential obstacles that might arise to satisfy the contract, without wasted effort or runs because we did not allow for them. THAT specific  challenge separates the professional from the layman.  We also know that the right and proper tools for the job are an important factor, and we will not spare our profit margin in order to have the best tool for the work to go forward timely.




Our Story

Our Story

Again using the supplied headings for the moment:  We started up the company in January of 2012, with an eye towards our retirement.  We used it for other than strictly construction oriented efforts, and so the books and poems published are also in this site. As one reads by our name...we are not Christian Works 'Construction' LLC, and we follow up on a previous family effort in CA of Christian Works Inc. A non-profit tax-exempt effort that was strictly geared for service to The Lord.  We plan to use about half of the income after expenses for the same service with CWLLC after we open our doors in 2018, but we do need to show some profit, hence the LLC.

This is a small company, and our staff will vary according to the work needing to be done.  There are only two others that may want to have input here, and I cannot speak for them.

Meet the Team

Again, just to satisfy this page's format, as 'the team' will vary according to the job, we will try to incorporate the ones who will be regular staff, on this page, as they come aboard.

Dens' Ext. Framing Completed

Richard D. Gartner


Specializing in Remodels & Additions

RVE 019 (2)

George Gartner

Co-Founder & Manager

Specializing in iron and steel buildings and fabrications.

Next Steps...

This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog. (HMMM...AT THIS TIME IN BUILDING THIS SITE... I WOULD SAY..."PUT US TO WORK!)