Guest Bathroom Vanity Tile Overlay

As can be seen, this standard generic tract style vanity we overlaid with decorative tile to match the previously installed tile flooring. All edges and corners are cut and chamfered  at 45 degrees, which adds a certain look which both we and the client appreciated rather than attempting to purchase 'bullnose' and other pieces whose scarcity virtually dictates what few types/colors/grades of tile, you can even install.

George's Tile

This began as a simple overlay on a 10 year old ceramic floor on slab, using el-cheapo composite snap together flooring. However, when adding in the undelayment foam costs, the overall cost was running right at the cost of inexpensive ceramic tile, even including grout. So...on one hand you wind up with an unrelieved expanse of 'blah' junk flooring that does nothing but look a bit better than what you had, and on the other you increase the resale value of your property for about the same out of pocket expense. It was a 'no-brainer'.  Add in that you can mix up tile decoratively and stay right at the $1.00 per sq. ft., and it gets better and better.  The kitchen floor  tiling expanded into the dining area, then the foyer, and on to the hallway. Then up to really get busy on the kitchen counter-top. All of the tile in these pictures is a dollar or less  per foot, except the mosiac, which ran almost 3 dollars. Amazing what you can do with a judicious creative use of cheap tile!